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What should you know about us?


KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. We are not overly creative, we don't have our head in the clouds. We propose solutions that are simple but effective. We focus on actual objectives and always achieve them.


We aren't scared of this word. That's how we want to stay. The boutique structure allows us to approach each project individually and with 100% commitment!


Our solutions are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises. We help them create and effectively implement marketing strategies.


We quickly adapt to the changing environment. If a fire breaks out on the front line at 22:00, we will put it out. We are here so that our customers can sleep peacefully.


We always strive to build relationships with customers that are based on mutual trust. Close cooperation is our key to success.


We will never take a job that we know we won't find a solution for. We base our dialogue with customers on honesty, and if we have any doubts we share them immediately.


Would you like to know the secret of how we work?

  • Meeting

    We meet and talk about your business. You talk. We listen. We get to know your needs. We ask questions, but don't draw any conclusions. The time will come for that later.

  • Coffee

    A good idea is like a good coffee – it mustn’t be lacking during our work. It takes time to create a good idea, and good coffee is a must in this process.

  • Idea

    Based on analyses of the market, competition and the Client's needs, we create an idea for communication. It doesn't have to be super-creative, but it does have to be super-effective.

  • Marketing tools

    We select marketing tools for the communication idea. We will not guarantee 30 seconds during the Super Bowl, because we know that we have a muzzle in the form of the budget.

  • Day of judgement

    We meet again and communicate our marketing plan: ideas and tools. We have an hour to convince you that together we can go far.

  • Agreement

    If we've made it to this stage, it means that all the previous ones have been successful. Now it's time to clarify the terms and create a new marketing chapter for your company. Keep It Simple Stupid!




  • Event marketing
  • Business events
  • Event marketing
  • Media events
  • Special events
  • Photo/video support
  • Exhibition marketing
  • Conducting marketing analyses
  • Formulating conclusions and recommendations
  • Marketing consulting
  • Brainstorming
  • Name design
  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Creation of marketing and promotional strategies
  • Choosing appropriate tools
  • Strategy implementation
  • Optimisation
  • Events for media houses
  • Meetings with journalists
  • Breakfast with the media
  • Events adapted to the needs and preferences of customers
  • Events organized with spatial arrangements
  • Professional photographic support
  • Creating a video coverage
  • Editing of promotional/feature films 
  • Renting of exhibition space
  • Adaptation of building elements
  • Technical support
  • Photography support
  • Coordination of hostesses/hosts/animators
  • Design of brand names
  • Analysis of the attractiveness of names 
  • Analysis of associations and symbolism
  • Comprehensive creation of corporate image 
  • Creating a visual identity
  • Designing websites
  • Creating bonds with customers
  • Identification of the target market
  • Selection of promotion channels 
  • Creating a communication project
  • Selection of appropriate promotional tools
  • Evaluation of promotion results
  • Media mapping
  • Campaign planning
  • Media buying
  • Reporting and effectiveness analysis
  • Buying e-mail databases
  • E-mailing
  • Reporting on e-mailing results
  • Production of advertising materials
  • Production of advertising gadgets
  • Translation
  • Interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous)


  • Brand naming
  • Image building
  • Promotion strategy
  • Media planning and purchasing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Production
  • Translation


Portfolios are long and boring. We have selected a few of our projects and described our recipe for success. Try us!



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